"Devotion to Mary is the shortest, the surest, the easiest and the most perfect path for arriving at union with God...In thee, O Lady, have I hoped; I know I shall never be disappointed."
Fr. E. Neubert, Life of Union with Mary

How the Apostolate works

Each member of the Apostolate prays one decade of the Rosary every day for the intentions of the Apostolate.

The Mystery they pray every day is assigned to them by myself, the administrator, and remains the same for one month.

Each member is part of a 15-person group. Therefore, within that group, one complete 15-decade rosary is being prayed every day to Our Lady.

On the First of each month, the Mystery rotates one place so each member prays a new Mystery. If, for example, you were praying the First Joyful Mystery in May, on the First of June you would begin praying the Second Joyful Mystery. If you were praying the Fifth Glorious Mystery, you would begin the Rosary again at the First Joyful Mystery. It sounds rather complicated, but you will receive monthly reminders to tell you which decade you should be praying.

Members receive regular emails reminding them of the monthly rotation and can also check their Mystery here on the page "What's my decade?" Of course, anyone who wishes to remain anonymous may do so. Just let me know and I'll assign a membership number to you rather than using your name.

Please see the "FAQ" link for common questions about the Apostolate.